Dlaczego robimy tatuaże?

Each of us has probably heard about what a tattoo and tattoo studio is. Unfortunately, our opinion on this is different and some people still, sometimes contrary to logic, believe that people who have tattoos are bandits and belong to gangs or simply spoil their bodies. Fortunately, this sentence is changing and people are getting used to seeing tattoos more and more.


Tattoos they are not bad at all and never have been. They used to mean that a boy grew into a man, a person in the tribe achieved something, mean and belong to some group, so is there anything wrong with that? The fact that they also get tattoos in prisons is not a bad thing at all, because what is supposed to be uncomfortable and not good for someone to tag their own body. Of course, it happens that even in a tattoo studio, people get tattoos that are vulgar, badly marked and mean, for example, that someone identifies with something socially intolerant. However, it is finally necessary to understand that each of us has our own body and that no one should be forced to behave or look like. If someone does not cross the border, does not hurt other people, there is nothing wrong with that.

Apart from tattoos themselves, people also perceive tattoo studios badly. Some still think tattoos are made in old cellars that smell musty and never had anything to do with sterility. This happens very rarely, and when it does, it’s probably an illegal tattoo studio. However, we are talking about legal premises and very often these are places that are supposed to attract attention, located near the city center, or simply somewhere off the beaten path, but on the street and not hidden away. A special atmosphere is built in the tattoo studio, which is supposed to speak a bit about the people who work there. Very often you can meet the fact that the existing works of tattooers are hung on the walls, which are to testify to their experience, knowledge and skills. The better the works,


The reasons for getting tattoos are really different. When talking to tattoo artists who work in the tattoo studio , you can hear a lot of different stories that made someone want to get a tattoo. We are driven by various motives, which are more or less logical, but for us they are always important, though for a certain moment.

One of the reasons that has recently dominated and is a manifestation of a phenomenon that we can witness and participate in is the desire to stand out from the crowd. The previous century was an age where people formed groups, clans, gangs and other closed communities that lived and supported each other. As a sign of this, tattoos were also made. Now, however, people are becoming more individualists and going to the tattoo studio thinking that when they get a new tattoo, they will disconnect at least a little from the whole community, and become a little different. People don’t want to be like everyone else. They are afraid of routine and gray. Identifying with a specific group is not so common anymore. Even if we can consider someone as a representative of a subculture, he still wants to somehow disconnect from it and stand out, thanks to such a sign as a tattoo.

Another reason that some people find comical is to show someone that you love him very much. As long as they are parents or children, it is still quite logical, because we will always have something in common with them and we can boldly go to the tattoo studio and make such a sign, symbol or sacrifice. However, a big mistake that people make is, among other things, getting a tattoo that is the name of a loved one, of course, a loved one. People who we think we love and who supposedly love us can leave us quite quickly. It may be a sincere feeling, but it may also be, as in the case of tens of thousands of people each year in our country, that the relationship is falling apart and you have to get a divorce. Fortunately for such people, something like tattoo removal techniques, e.g.laser tattoo removal . However, you have to take into account that it is expensive and sometimes, unfortunately, itleaves a trace.


If we want to get a tattoo, we really should think carefully about this decision. It should not be a momentary feeling that this is what we want, this is what we need and what we want. A tattoo is something special and it is a kind of marking on the body, so let’s think about it a few times and then a few more and maybe talk to the person who works in a tattoo studio and then decide on a tattoo.

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