Wady i zalety folii do telefonów

Smartphone is currently one of our most important tools that we use every day. It is thanks to him that we call, communicate, work, listen to music, reply to e-mails, watch TV, listen to music or play. Unfortunately, despite the very strong competition on the market for these devices, the prices of brand-name models are still relatively expensive for the average consumer. That is why it is worth taking care of your phone as best as possible. On the one hand, it should serve us properly, and on the other hand, that it should look good – even impeccably.


That is why an interesting proposition for every mobile phone owner is the purchase of very cheap foil for phones. The phone foil is designed to protect what is most important, i.e. our phone screen. Films for phones have both their opponents and supporters. Someone can safely say that because he bought a smartphone with a Gorilla Glass screen, he no longer needs any foil. Someone else will be afraid again that the phone will react much worse to our touch. At the very beginning, however, it is worth presenting all the arguments for both skeptics and enthusiasts.

Among the advantages of foil for phones, we certainly must mention the lack of scratches on the screen. In addition, phone foils are much cheaper than replacing the display during repair. When we get bored with our phone, it will be easier to sell it when we used foil on the screen. Phone foils are also available at a very low price. By using foils, the probability of mechanical damage to the display is much lower.

How about the disadvantages? We must certainly take into account less comfort at work. In addition, the foil, unfortunately, fingers very much. In assumption, we can also have quite a difficulty.


There is certainly an undeniable protective aspect here. Phone foils really work and we have absolutely no doubts about that. So when we want to protect the phone, we should definitely invest in foil. It is also important that a used phone with a screen in perfect condition will definitely be worth more on the secondary market than the same phone with a scratched screen.

Phone foils protect the phone display. Of course, this is not a protection for every eventuality, but even such a protection can save the screen. Undoubtedly, a great advantage is also the fact that compared to the price of the device itself, the cost of a given film is not an expense, too much. For the peace of mind and additional protection of the phone, often for over a thousand zlotys, it is really not a lot of money.


First of all, what may be irritating for a disabled person is the same installation of foil on the phone. There are many types of protective films on the market. The most popular are non-adhesive polycarbonate films. When we put the foil on the phone, first of all, the screen should be thoroughly cleaned of any dirt and pollen that is on it. That’s why most manufacturers add a microfiber cloth for free. Whatever is left on the display, unfortunately, will be under the foil. Secondly, if the phone foil we chose is not completely electrostatic, we have to be careful when putting it on so that we do not leave any air bubbles under it, which means that we will not even use the camera at all.

Many people are also afraid that the foil will make our phone much worse to use and the screen will render the real colors worse. As for the second argument, the films currently provide transparency at the level of about 96% and reflect really real screen colors. Not only that, there are also those that will make it easier for us to operate the screen of our phone in direct sunlight. When it comes to the comfort of work itself, sometimes it happens that low-quality foils can cause much worse conduction, and thus also make it difficult to use the device itself. Therefore, it is really recommended wholeheartedly to choose a higher quality film. We choose and choose branded foils that do not really cause any problems in using our phone.

We can safely say that phone foils have many more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore, we do not have to worry about the accuracy of this solution. What is what, but it is a good solution that you will not regret in any case. It is not a large investment, so we will not even notice this expense in the reduced budget. Tempered glass is an alternative to foil for the phone, which is gaining support all the time. However, no matter what we decide, we certainly do well by protecting the screen of our mobile phone. It is extremely sensitive and, unfortunately, expensive to replace.

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