Personalizowane etui na smartfona

The prices of the latest smartphone models can reach several thousand zlotys. That is why smartphone owners often choose several accessories to protect the phone. After all, the purchase of a case does not exclude the use of a protective film or tempered glass. No security measure gives 100% protection, but the use of at least two accessories to protect the phone significantly extends the life of the equipment and protects the owner’s wallet. When we buy a new smartphone, we want it to emphasize the user’s personality and not look like thousands of copies from a given model. The photo on the display is just an introduction to personalizing your smartphone. 


A smartphone is a device with a very delicate housing. It can be easily destroyed, even by accident. You can purchase a case to protect your phone and adjust its appearance to your taste, personality, eye color and interests. An interesting proposition in the business offer are leather smartphone cases or cases made of oak wood or wenge. It is a case that captivates with its beauty and elegance, It is universal and timeless. Leather and wood as a material for accessories to electronics will always be an expression of style, class and good taste of the owner. The casings and covers available for sale are designed with elegance and versatility in mind. The user must take care of the unique decoration of the case.

Fortunately, among online smartphone case offersthere are services that allow you to create a case with your favorite photo or artwork. The modern, digital printing technique makes neither the cover with the photo durable and looking beautiful for a very long time. It is hard to imagine a smartphone more personal than a case with a photo of the owner or someone important to the user. Undoubtedly, such a case definitely stands out in the crowd and means that no one will mistake their phone for someone else’s smartphone. Photos on the case can be made on silicone, wooden, carbon fiber or leather cover. Any graphics can be made on the case: team coat of arms, movie character, animal, landscape. You can add a short text to the image, e.g. life motto, favorite quote, name. Styling your smartphone emphasizes the individuality and creativity of the owner.

A case with a private photo (regardless of whether it is a photograph of the owner, a loved one, an animal, a favorite thing, or a photo that someone is proud of), such a cover is unique, one of a kind. If there is a photo of a loved one or an animal on the case, the object from the photo is with that person all the time and plays the same role as the photo framed on the desk. A smartphone case with a photo is like a business card – it distinguishes a person and at the same time protects the phone.


Personalizing the case does not only mean choosing the color or theme of the case to the user’s taste, but also choosing a cover that will perform several functions. The case with the side flap can be used as a stand. A case with several pockets will also be perfect as a document or wallet, and then the phone, money or documents are in one place. The sale also includes a smartphone case with a stand in the back, which is very convenient when driving a car or working at a computer.


A smartphone case with a photo is an idea for a fantastic gift for birthdays, holidays, relationship anniversaries, engagements and any other occasion when we want to give someone a gift. It is enough to know the phone model of the person for whom such a case is to be a surprise. Instead of buying something banal, you can match the gift to the person and give something unique and unique. You can attach an inscription to the photo.


Companies that provide custom-made smartphone case services provide an option called the case creator. The user can design his or her dream case with any photo, graphic or inscription and send the design of the cover for execution. The case creator is easy to use and does not require any artistic talent or knowledge of complicated graphic programs. To use it, all you need is a bit of creativity, willingness and time. The case creator is a tool addressed to people who want to have a unique, personally decorated phone case. The photo or graphic that is to decorate the smartphone case must be of very high quality. Each wizard has the function of previewing what the case will look like after it is made.

A smartphone case with its own imprint is an offer intended for people for whom the standard case does not meet their expectations. For people who focus on originality and do not like mass production, the cases available in stores are a thing of the past. They need something that will show their personality, bring back memories. The case with its own imprint is a new chapter in the history of telephone accessories.

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