Domy drewniane - długoletnia inwestycja czy chwilowa moda?

In recent years, wood has become a very popular building material. Of course, it has always been the basic raw material for the construction of almost all houses. However, only recently houses built solely of wood are returning to their favors  . There are many reasons, ranging from aesthetic issues to the recently extremely important ecological aspect. Wooden houses have many advantages, and in terms of practicality and safety, they are as good as modern buildings. However, in return for an interesting appearance and a unique atmosphere, they require a bit more effort put not only into erecting them, but also maintaining them in good condition.

Types of wooden houses

Wooden houses provide an amazing field for the future owner. Construction and technology are developing practically day by day. Additionally, as many tastes, as many ideas! Designing houses “in the old style” gives much more possibilities than brick houses  . In this case, there are practically no limits to shapes, decorations and interesting accessories.

Basically, wooden houses can serve two purposes. Surely everyone knows wooden summer houses very well and is aware of how many wonderful memories they can create. Recently, however, wooden houses intended for year-round use have also become very popular. These are flats for whole families, perfectly adapted to the needs of modern society. They contain all the comforts, but also provide an irreplaceable atmosphere. They are characterized by coziness and originality.

Wooden houses – a matter of safety

For many unfamiliar with the subject, wooden houses are associated with a less secure and stable structure than brick houses  . At first glance, wooden beams may not inspire confidence. The first problem that arises is safety against fires. This is certainly a legitimate concern. However, the current development of technology and construction must be taken into account. The raw materials used nowadays – although wooden, i.e. potentially flammable – are of the highest quality, which guarantees maximum safety. Additionally, there are strict restrictions, forcing the constructors to install stoves and stone boiler houses. Stoves must necessarily be equipped with special fireplace inserts.

In the past, the problem of moisture was also common in wooden houses. Selected and specially prepared raw materials used to build houses nowadays almost completely eliminate this problem  . Certainly, it is not more noticeable than in many brick houses, placed in unfavorable surroundings or conditions.

Wooden houses also meet all the necessary acoustic and insulation requirements. The accuracy of the construction and the close matching of the elements ensures maximum impermeability, and at the same time makes any repairs, renovations and assembly of the necessary installations much easier than in the case of brick walls.

Importantly, wooden houses are much lighter than brick houses. This eliminates the need for heavy concrete foundations or iron ceilings. The whole structure is perfectly maintained without additional reinforcements. Of course, all elements pass the necessary approvals to ensure safety.

Advantages of wooden houses

In terms of safety, wooden houses are equal to brick houses. But, apart from the irreplaceable atmosphere already mentioned, are there any other reasons that clearly support their construction? The ecological aspect is a controversial issue here – after all, to erect such a structure it is necessary to cut a nice piece of forest. At the same time, however, we eliminate all pollution related to the production of artificial raw materials from which brick houses are made.

Undoubtedly, the fast construction time is a big advantage of wooden houses. Such a structure can be erected in just 3-4 months  . In addition, it is possible at any time of the year, regardless of the weather conditions, which are so burdensome when building brick houses.

The ease of renovation also speaks in favor of choosing a wooden house. This is especially visible when replacing electrical installations. In the case of wooden walls, such a procedure is only a formality, while in brick houses it is often associated with the “demolition” of the walls.

The price of a timber house

It is difficult to give the exact prices of wooden houses, as they largely depend on the size, number of “accessories” and finishes. However, it is estimated that the amount that needs to be allocated to such a construction is about 10-20% higher than for brick houses. Such constructions are still a rarity in our country, and as you know, what is “original” is always valued more highly . Nevertheless, the difference is not as glaring as it might seem.

Wooden houses – disadvantages

So do wooden houses have any disadvantages? Basically, it all depends on the individual preferences of the user. For many, even the 10-20% higher costs are quite a problem. Yet another point is that there is much less choice from construction companies. Nevertheless, the business is growing all the time and it is possible to find a suitable client.

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