Co musisz wiedzieć, zanim zdecydujesz się na wyspę handlową?

Commercial islands are a solution that is very popular for several reasons. In today’s text we will present the most important issues related to this topic. So if you are hesitating whether to run your business in a trading island or decide to rent a separate room, this text can help you make the best decision.


Virtually everyone encountered such a structure on their way. Its appearance, however, differs depending on the destination. So we can meet islands that are completely glazed and perfectly display the displayed goods . This model will be perfect for selling, for example, jewelry. In this case, customers like to first see the assortment on their own, taking their time and not stressing the presence of the seller. Commercial islands may also be built to encourage more contact with the seller. Some models have a shape that allows several seats to be placed both inside and outside the island.

Thanks to them, the commercial island somewhat loses its temporary character and encourages the customer to spend more time with it. Models of this type are often used in islands that provide beauty services. Therefore, clients can sit back comfortably while a beautician, for example, performs a manicure. These trade islands also work well for advisory services. Seats can come in handy, if we run a travel agency or operate in the financial industry. Even if the company’s headquarters is located in a stationary location outside a shopping mall, consulting services can positively affect the company’s advertising and increase the current customer base.


The model of a commercial island should be adapted not only to the type of activity carried out, but also to the future location of the structure. On the market, you can find islands that are intended to be placed in the middle of a shopping mall alley. Many models offer excellent visibility of products from all sides; in some of them it is also possible to operate at each of the four walls of the trade island. Islands that are designed to be placed against a wall – in a gallery recess or next to another trade stand, look slightly different. In such projects, you can count on two display windows, displaying the products offered, and two walls that act as the back of the stand. Regardless of which solution you choose, it is worth checking what amenities a particular store island has. These include additional cabinets, decorative counters, swing doors, panels with slides for pendants, spacious drawers and chests. Proven manufacturers often offer several color variants of countertops and panels.

An interesting option is the creation of trade islands on the client’s request. This solution allows you to adjust the island exactly to your needs. So we can decide on the number and type of showcases, choose the preferred materials, colors, fronts and finishes. A professional company should carry out the project in accordance with our guidelines and provide valuable advice and useful solutions, the existence of which we may not even be aware of. Then, a visualization should be made, thanks to which it will be possible to assess to what extent the selected project has been implemented. This step also allows you to make some adjustments. Such precise adjustment of the island is a particularly important issue when planning to buy an island.


The answer to that question is “it depends.” If we are just starting our business, renting a commercial island may be a better option. The reason is simple – at the very beginning of our activity, we will not be forced to spend a large amount. For many companies that are just entering the market, such large investments in the first months of operation may be troublesome or simply impossible to implement due to insufficient capital available. It is not uncommon that as our turnover increases, we will eventually be able to stop renting and buy our own island.

If we already have a well-established position on the market and a one-time investment in a trade island does not burden our budget too much, it may be a better idea to buy an island. Of course, this option is beneficial if you really plan on a long-term business. When it comes to buying or renting a commercial island, it is difficult to find one universal rule – sometimes even larger companies decide to rent more willingly because they need an island to increase seasonal sales or, simply, for a more extensive promotion. Simple judgments about when to buy and when to rent an island cannot be made either because of the varying price conditions.

The prices of the islands for sale vary a lot depending on the equipment and the size of the island. The rental price, in turn, depends on criteria such as the duration of the contract. So it’s worth carefully analyzing both options and comparing them with each other before deciding on a specific variant.

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