Pozycjonowanie stron internetowych krok po kroku

Every entrepreneur who has a website through which he sells his services or products knows that positioning is a necessity these days. Without positioning, there is practically no chance that new users will find your website. Therefore, improving the visibility of your website on the internet is important. However, all positioning activities are a considerable expense. How much should positioning cost? Some important information below.


At the very beginning, it is worth noting that you can find many free tools for analyzing internet traffic on the web or several programs that help in conducting a technical SEO audit. These are good tools that will allow you to pre-evaluate the health of your website. Perhaps they will also help you find areas that need improvement.

However, if we want to seriously deal with optimization and really increase website traffic, unfortunately, free programs or applications will not be able to help us. In such cases, it is necessary to hand over the website to specialists who have the appropriate positioning and optimization tools. How much does SEO cost ? The answer is not simple. It all depends on who we choose to cooperate with. Various SEO services can cost from several hundred zlotys to even several thousand for a single service. Why? The market is unregulated and both professionals with extensive experience and ordinary amateurs operate on it.


You can do a simple website audit yourself thanks to the free tools, but they don’t give the full picture. For this reason, it is worth allowing the SEO agency to perform professional checks. It will allow you to detect all the places on the website that need improvement.

The audit is very important as it gives you a complete picture of the situation. On its basis, you can find out which strategy will bring the most benefits. Depending on the selected type of audit, it may cost from PLN 600 to even several thousand PLN. An audit for small websites costs several hundred zlotys, while for large online stores it can be several thousand. It is worth mentioning that an audit is not always necessary. For websites that do not have a mobile version or are otherwise outdated, it is much better to simply put the page up again. This is a cheaper solution than introducing all the amendments, the number of which will be huge.


The correct positioning of the pages is primarily SEO optimization. Optimization consists in adapting the website and its content to the requirements of the Google search engine. This applies to the page title, meta description, keywords, headers, image captions and their size, page code, among others. What’s more, the optimization also includes removing any crawl errors, generating a sitemap and speeding up loading. The scope of optimization also includes improving the content on the website and saturating it with keywords. The price of such corrections depends on whether we only want to edit the texts or have them rewritten from scratch.

The cost of this type of service depends on how many corrections will be needed. The most expensive is the work of the programmer who will optimize the website code. It is worth noting that optimization is not a one-time action and in order to bring real benefits, the website must be regularly improved and improved.


One of the most important activities is the so-called link building. It consists in acquiring valuable links coming to the website. There are many possibilities of obtaining them, e.g. you can put the address in the catalog of companies (the option is free or paid for a dozen zlotys) or pay for sponsored articles (depending on the portal, it costs from 50 to even 1000 PLN). The amount should also include the amount for writing the article.

Another option is to create an entire SEO background. It is the most expensive option, but also the most profitable. The cost includes paying for hosting, domains, more backend pages, content updates that will send users to the main website that we want to promote. Depending on the number of pages and the regularity of the updated content, the costs may oscillate around a dozen or so thousand zlotys (including domain fees or hosting fees). Yet another solution is “word of mouth marketing”. We can pay a few zlotys for one entry on a given forum or blog. To obtain a satisfactory effect, at least several hundred entries in various places will be required.

Search engine optimization is not the cheapest internet activity, but it can pay off quickly thanks to increased website traffic and more customers who will reach a given service or product.

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