Klinika ortopedyczna - czym powinna się cechować i jak wybrać tę najlepszą?

An orthopedic clinic is a place that nobody wants to visit, and which unfortunately must be visited frequently. All due to the fact that orthopedic diseases are among the most common and although they turn out to be easy to cure, they force us to visit the clinic. What should we know about all this and how to choose a clinic that will meet our expectations?


Orthopedics is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system . It is most associated with dealing with all kinds of mechanical injuries, such as sprains, bone fractures and sprains, although it is not limited to it. A good orthopedic surgeon also deals with patients who complain of pain in the spine, tendons, muscles or joints – especially those that occur while moving, and are often characterized by inflammation or swelling.

The place where orthopedics is practiced in the most professional way is the orthopedic clinic and that’s where we should go


An orthopedic clinic is a place where we should not only learn more about the causes of pain related to the musculoskeletal system, but also be able to effectively get rid of them. Accordingly, a good orthopedic clinic should:

  • be provided with the right equipment – the basis of each clinic is to have the right tools for both diagnosis and treatment of various diseases within the field of orthopedics. The clinic should be equipped with equipment for taking X-rays, carrying out ultrasound examinations, as well as performing computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.
  • perform all types of tests – when going to a good clinic, we can count on the fact that we will do everything necessary to get rid of the ailments we suffer from. Therefore, an orthopedic clinic should offer the possibility of carrying out all types of examinations, including arthrography and arthroscopy.
  • employ the best specialists – even the best equipment cannot replace a good orthopedist.
  • have a contract with the National Health Fund – this criterion is required only among people who want to be treated under the National Health Fund.
  • offer access to physiotherapists – among the many methods of dealing with orthopedic diseases is the need to undergo rehabilitation or physiotherapy (for example in the form of massages or specialized exercises). It would be good if the clinic itself would provide this option.


The issue of choosing an orthopedic clinic  is very dependent on whether we want to be treated under the National Health Fund, or whether we aim at private medical care. In the first case, in addition to a referral from a family doctor, which is necessary to arrange a reimbursed visit, we will have to look for a clinic that will have a signed contract with the National Health Fund. It is different with private clinics – then our choice is much greater.

So how can you check if a given orthopedic clinic is trustworthy? First of all, we should verify the opinion about it – in the age of the Internet, it should be a tool that we can use in the first place. Of course, it does not end with the clinic itself, because the most important thing is the orthopedist who will diagnose us and then treat us. It is worth finding out who specifically will receive us after signing up, and then verify in a similar way how much trust they really enjoy on the part of patients. The first visit, which we will talk about in a moment, is also an important factor when choosing.


We can find out if the orthopedic clinic is really good during our first visit. If the specialist who deals with us does a thorough interview, during which he will ask about past diseases and injuries with which we have dealt before, it will be a plus. The basis during the first visit is to make an initial diagnosis – this in turn may allow, among others, a standard check of the mobility, stability and position of our joints. It is also very important to check the condition of the spine, but also of the entire skeleton – they can affect all other parts of the body and cause pain and other ailments. So if such activities are carried out, we can be convinced that the clinic is at least okay.


Choosing the right orthopedic clinic is key when we are struggling with a disease or injury closely related to the motor organs. It is he who will decide which specialist we will go to and whether we will be provided with appropriate care. Therefore, we do not underestimate this choice and let us apply ourselves to it in advance to effectively heal our ailment.


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