Mini traktory to maszyny rolnicze pomocne o każdej porze roku

  Every city resident who owns a summer cottage or a piece of land grows tasty nutritious food for his own pleasure or for sale. Of course, he can do without equipment and work on such terrain the old-fashioned way, using a rake, shovel or other similar tools. But in larger areas where several dozen hectares of land are cultivated, it will be much better to use agricultural machinery, such as a mini tractor with a cabin, which will help to complete many works much faster.


  Experienced landowners use mini tractors all year round and have time to appreciate the benefits of this agricultural machine. It enables really efficient and comfortable handling of large amounts of land, leaving more free time for rest and other work. When someone decides to buy a mini tractor with a cab, heating it is an important element. It is not necessary to protect the tractor driver or farmer from bad weather in the summer in the sun. But in severe frost, it becomes very important.


  • Equipped with large tires – the tractor will not damage the topsoil and will not fall into the mud or swamp
  • As the tractor has many interchangeable tools, you can do any tilling work
  • There are detachable cab models, and universal mounts make it easy to change cabins
  • Electric heating of the air and window in the cabin provides comfort at any outside temperature
  • A mini tractor with a cabin operates at speeds of up to twenty-five kilometers per hour
  • Very stable even when driving on rough terrain.


  Now the world offers a large number of attachments for mini tractors and tractors. They are very easy to connect to and disconnect from the agricultural machine of your choice based on your specific needs, helping you create the best option for the job at the right time. And thus transforming the mini tractor into a kind of custom transformer. Harrows, hooks, wood splitters, potato planters, mowers, loaders, plows, tedders and much more, the machine can thus perform almost any necessary task.

  Although formally the attachment is considered optional, but in practice it is necessary, it cannot be underestimated, without it, farmers cannot imagine the functionality of modern agricultural machinery. Thanks to it, you can perfectly sow, plant, plow, transport goods. It all depends on your desires, needs and imagination.


  The universal loader is designed to load various loads (snow, gravel, sand, hay, straw, silage, manure, mineral fertilizers, etc.), into vehicles, mixing systems and fertilizer spreaders in order to mechanize internal storage operations during storage. And also for transporting and stacking hay and straw rolls.

  The trailed two-row disc harrow is designed for resource-saving cultivation at a depth of 15 cm, controlling weeds and chopping up crop residues, maintaining meadows and pastures, as well as crumbling, leveling and compaction of the soil. The harrow is suitable for all types of soil, except for stony soil. Four-row disc harrows are used before sowing and for basic soil cultivation to a depth of 5 to 15 cm, in the division of fallow land and meadows.

  The mounted plow is intended for general grain and industrial cultivation, up to a depth of 30 cm, on any type of soil that is not littered with stones and other obstacles. It helps to improve the penetration of air, water and nutrients into the plant roots. Rotary plows are designed for smooth plowing, all types of soil, except stony soil, to a depth of 30 cm. Such agricultural machines are capable of smooth plowing without ridges and tearing grooves thanks to the pendulum plowing through right and left turning bodies. It is able to level the soil, which increases the efficiency of combines and mowers.

  The crop residue shredder, on the other hand, will turn the crop residues, stubble and straw into a life-giving layer thoroughly mixed with the upper layers of soil with minimal effort. In autumn and winter, the shredded green mass will decompose and only increase the fertility of the soil, which will positively affect future yield.

  Ring rollers are designed for crushing lumps, destroying the soil crust, rolling the soil, compacting the surface to a depth of 7 cm and loosening the surface layers of soil to a depth of 4 cm. After rolling, the field surface is covered with mulch to help retain moisture. Ring spike rollers are used to compact the soil before and after sowing. During pre-sowing work, the rollers level the surface of the field, breaking up lumps and compacting the soil that is too loose.

  The cultivators, on the other hand, are the original trailed soil loosening unit which, depending on the conditions of use and the complete set, can perform up to four operations in one pass, for example, this agricultural machine cuts weeds and creates a mulch layer.


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