Jak wyczyścić kostkę brukową?

Paving stones are a relatively cheap and durable material from which to build driveways, terraces, pavements or alleys in the garden. However, hardly anyone realizes that, just like wooden panels or stone slabs, the cube also requires proper care and cleaning. If we do not take care of such a surface, it will become ugly and sloppy very quickly. We will be able to observe stains on the surface, and plants will appear in the intervals between the cubes. The colors of the elements can also be changed by limescale. How to clean cobblestones?


Cobblestones which is not properly taken care of, will make the sidewalk or driveway look very inelegant. For proper care, we should carry out the cleaning process at least three times a year. The best times for such cleaning are spring, summer and fall. In spring it is worth getting rid of any raids caused by, for example, melting snow. In summer, weeds or mosses that appear between the gaps should be removed.

During the fall, it will be time to impregnate the ankle to protect it from winter. In addition, during the warmer months, it is worth sweeping our ankle regularly. Thanks to this, moist sand or rotting leaves will not do any damage. In winter, we also cannot forget about our ankle. It should be carefully cleared of snow and the use of salt should be avoided. It will make our ankle weak, and there may be some unsightly white deposits on its surface. Therefore, if we have such a need, it is worth putting on sand, not salt.


Grass, weeds and moss naturally appear between the cubes. They should be systematically disposed of not only for aesthetic reasons. Rhizomes or roots that grow underground can damage the ankle and make it uneven. What can we do this?

  • Wire brush. The bristles made of steel wire make it possible to scrape off the plants between breaks. Unfortunately, it is quite a time-consuming process, but we can get really good results. In addition, the brush can easily deal with dry mud.
  • Gas burner. It is a way to remove moss and weeds quickly and without discoloration or damaging the stone. In addition, the effects of such work are very durable, when we deal with moss, it will not return after firing. It is also a very convenient method, when we decide on a burner with a long nozzle, we will be able to carry out the whole process while standing. Scrubbing the ankle on the knees is a great effort, especially when dealing with a larger area.
  • Weeding agents. In most cases, herbicides are used for this task. However, when dealing with cleansing of cubes, this is not the best way. Yes, the chemical will dry the plants, but later we will have to remove them ourselves. In addition, such specifics can have a bad effect on the material, so when buying, we have to choose dedicated chemicals for cleaning paving stones.


Deposits on the ankle can be caused by mold, fungus or natural erosion. Erosion forms under the influence of moisture, completely by itself. They do not have a negative effect on the ankle structure, but they look very inelegant. In some cases, under the influence of rain, they will disappear on their own, but this process takes an average of 2-3 months. If we want to get rid of such raids faster, we can use:

      • Pressure washer. Pressurized water allows us to quickly remove mold, fungus and also white limestone. The whole process is quite simple and pleasant, especially when we decide on equipment with a long nozzle. If we have a problem with some sediments, we can use a special cleaning agent.
      • Cube cleaners. A large number of people use classic kitchen cleaning products to clean the bar. However, they are not very effective. In the event that we use dedicated measures, we will make the color of the cube deepened, and it will be protected against sediment or dirt.


If we want to make the next washing of the cube much easier, it is worth taking good care of it. Conservation of granite or concrete protects it against damage and dirt. This is how the water-repellent impregnations work, whose task is to restore the color of the stone and make it shiny.

When buying impregnating agents, we must pay special attention to what material our driveway or sidewalk is made of. Granite cube has completely different characteristics than that of field stone or concrete. In order to be sure that a given measure will not damage the ankle, it is worth starting work with a new drug from a small part of the ankle in an invisible place. If the measure turns out to be safe, we will be able to move on to everything else without any problems.

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