Budowa hal magazynowych - dla kogo, koszty, etapy pracy

Building a warehouse is a very important decision as it involves some necessary steps. First of all, you need to prepare all the necessary projects and obtain the appropriate permits, so the entire procedure may take a while. The very procedure of building a warehouse must be carefully planned so that all work can be carried out quickly and without any complications that could delay it. Construction warehouse halls should be made by a professional company that will create a safe and functional hall for our business.


Warehouse halls are built for various branches of business. Producers need such places to store the goods they produce. On the other hand, wholesalers need halls for warehousing to sell large amounts of assortment. Warehouse halls are also built for logistics companies that have to store rapidly changing shipments. Virtually everything is stored in such halls: raw materials, materials, devices, vehicles, production results on machines. The most important task of warehouse halls is protection against the harmful effects of weather conditions. Thanks to warehouse halls, the flow of goods becomes smoother, so enterprises can function more efficiently.


A tent storage hall built from scratch is a considerable expense for every enterprise. Sooner or later, a large number of manufacturing or shipping companies will have a problem with the lack of space for offices and storage of their goods. Building a warehouse is a long-term investment, so it is worth considering it carefully and choosing the best solution for us. The cost of building a warehouse, including all expenses, including the project itself, may be anywhere from 500 to even several thousand zlotys per square meter. Thus, there is usually a large financial burden on the enterprise.


The decision to build your own hall is not the easiest one and it is a very large and serious investment. It is not important whether we want to build a brick, steel or other structure, its construction will still involve large expenses. First of all, during such a large investment, there is no room for making mistakes. You should get to know all possible options thoroughly and be aware of what conditions our products need, which we will store in the constructed hall. We need to know whether our company needs only free storage space or also office space. You should be aware of the costs we will have to bear in connection with our investment. It is also worth knowing the costs of subsequent operation or expansion options. There is no point in investing in an overly large and expensive building, which we will not fully use. The warehouse hall must meet our requirements.

  • preparation costs, i.e. all permits and preparation of the site itself, purchase of a plot of land
  • construction costs, i.e. the funds we have to pay for the design and construction of the warehouse itself
  • finishing costs, i.e. funds for interior design, utilities, windows, doors, etc.
  • operating costs, i.e. costs of heating, repair and maintenance of the hall


Professional and valued among customers companies dealing in the construction of steel warehouses, provide services both in the field of design and general contracting. Therefore, we can count on a comprehensive service, from the initial idea to the completion of construction, and also after completion of the entire investment. Before starting the construction process, it is necessary to perform the work of activities, including checking that the standards and legal regulations have been met, conducting soil tests, meeting the conditions of land development and environmental protection. A building and connection permit must also be obtained. The documentation gathering process can take a long time, but fortunately professional companies handle these matters instead of the client.

The construction of a warehouse must be carried out in accordance with the applicable provisions of the construction law and in accordance with the construction practice. This process consists of stages such as:

      1. Obtaining building conditions and land development.

The land for investment must meet all formal requirements and construction law regulations.

      1. Determining the budget that we can allocate to the selected investment.

The investor and the contractor must determine the costs of the entire investment, including both the design and the finishing of the hall.

      1. Obtaining a building permit

Before applying for a building permit, the project of the entire investment, which is necessary to obtain a permit, must be ready.

      1. Creating an investment project, i.e. an executive design.

Such a project is usually carried out by a company that will be the general contractor of the investment. It is a very convenient solution for the investor.

      1. The last stage of the entire investment, i.e. execution works.

The contractor may start work.

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