Clean carpets and rugs are not only about home comfort. It is also the health and well-being of household members and office workers. Therefore, it is important to get rid of dust and invisible pathogens in time. Choosing the right method for washing carpets and rugs is very difficult and requires knowledge. It is better to entrust specialists with taking care of home textiles and home furnishings.

Regular, high-quality washing of carpets and rugs is the best way to create a healthy atmosphere at home. In companies engaged in such cleaning, effective, but at the same time environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic agents are used. Their services are used not only by private individuals, but also by organizations from various fields of activity (hotels, kindergartens, camps, military units, cafes and restaurants, beauty salons, etc.).


In many homes there is a very important detail of the interior, namely a carpet or carpet. They provide comfort to all family members. But sooner or later there will come a time when the carpet needs cleaning: either a fair amount of dust has accumulated in it, or the carpet has been stained. Washing carpets and rugs on your own does not always get the desired results and you spend a lot of money on purchasing unprofessional cleaners. When you hand over the carpet to the laundry or order a service to be made at home, you can count on it will be cleaned quickly and effectively.


Carpet is the best way to create a cozy home. At the same time, it is subjected to severe tests every day: animal hair, children’s games, spilled juices, tea, crumbs, dust. A vacuum cleaner, even the best one, cannot clean the carpet completely: in any case, dirt or a smell of dust remains. As a result, in places of active use, walking on it becomes unpleasant, and it often causes an allergic reaction.

Only when washing carpets and rugs can you destroy 100% of dirt and restore a fresh look. Dry cleaners have two ways to clean carpet products. They are equipped with modern equipment and special conditions that allow not only to remove contaminants, but also to eliminate foreign odors and pathogenic organisms.


Before wet washing, dust is removed from the carpet with a special device. It is very efficient, some carpets already look clean after this procedure, but still go through all stages of cleaning. After breaking the dust, the carpet undergoes stain removal. There is a separate preparation for each type of contamination. Therefore, when handing over floor coverings (which can be removed from the floor) and carpets for washing, the employee should be informed about the origin of this or that stain.

The most important thing is the washing process in a special machine. Depending on the thickness of the carpet, the pressure of the sprayers is regulated, the equipment automatically distributes the detergent over the carpet surface. Several brushes slide from end to end of the machine, leaving no chance of leaving behind dirt.

The carpet or rug is then thoroughly rinsed under water pressure, rolled up and sent to a centrifuge. After spinning, the carpet is hung in a warm, well-ventilated room where it rests quietly until it is completely dry. The modern method of washing carpets is so effective that all dirt, odors, pathogens are washed away and removed through the entire thickness of the carpet. Today it is the most advanced carpet care technique.


People who are unable to remove the carpet and put it into the laundry room can use another option and order a carpet and carpet washing service, for example by a cleaning company. They are equipped with professional machines that wash such products at the customer’s home. In some cases, it is undesirable or even impossible to wash carpets. We are talking about carpets made of silk and wool with unstable dyes, products based on glue. In this case, gentle carpet cleaning techniques are used.

Dry foam cleaning is a method of washing carpets and rugs used by companies that carry out such activities at the customer’s home. The essence of this method is to wash the product with a foam with a humidity of 10 to 30%. This way you can clean handmade woolen carpets, silk carpets, as well as carpets and rugs with glue. At the same time, such unpleasant moments as deformation, dye decomposition, shrinkage, tearing off the glued substrate are practically eliminated.

Cleaning by extraction method. The classic way to dry carpets with a rotary machine and carpet vacuum cleaner. Depending on the degree of influence on the carpets, there is a difference between washing and cleaning with dry foam. It is most often used by cleaning companies and does not require the carpet to be removed for cleaning.

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