Mieszkanie od dewelopera: co warto sprawdzić, przed zakupem

In recent years, real estate has been a great way to invest. We buy an apartment not only to “get” our dream four corners, but also to rent it or sell it in the future and profit from it. From year to year, real estate prices are rising and despite the fact that developers are building more and more, it is so hard to buy a new apartment. What should the developer inform us about before buying? What to check before we decide on a given property? We will provide answers to these and many other questions in today’s guide.


It is worth noting that the purchase of a flat from the developer is one of the most common and, at the same time, the safest forms of real estate acquisition. However, just as we check, for example: a car, electronic equipment or a telephone contract, we should also verify the seller of the apartment. Below, we have outlined a few factors that should be checked in order to be sure that we are buying the apartment we want.


There are various standards for finishing apartments. Each developer is obliged to inform us about what the apartment we will buy will look like. Besides, it ultimately affects the price of the property, so it is worth verifying. Most often, we buy apartments in the so-called developer condition, which may additionally have panels or plasters, but not always. It happens that when viewing the visualization of given rooms, we assume that the developer offers a turnkey finish, but such projects are created so that we can better imagine a given space.

In addition, the purchase of an apartment in a developer standard allows you to arrange it the way you want. There are housing estates where literally every kitchen has the same furniture, bathrooms are the same, and the colors of the walls make you dizzy. The finishing standard is extremely important when you plan to rent someone’s apartment, so it is worth making sure that it corresponds to modern trends.


While in the case of buying an apartment directly from a developer, we should not have problems with hidden costs, the problem arises when “third parties” participate in the entire transaction. Intermediaries responsible for helping in obtaining a loan, and then in finalizing the transaction, very often charge a high commission for their services. Hardly anyone knows, but often this amount can be negotiated and instead of paying 2%, we can reduce it by half and thus gain additional funds for interior finishing. Therefore, the safest option is to ask a given broker immediately about all hidden fees and check whether it is better to buy an apartment directly from the developer  , which they may not have.


Most people who buy flats are guided by their price. Another issue is often the location or the previously mentioned standard of finish. It happens, however, that many people make the final decision to buy a flat on the spur of the moment. As a consequence, it turns out that we share the balcony with neighbors who I do not like; it is too hot in the apartment in summer because the rooms are located on the corner of the building, and in winter we have to turn on the radiators as much as possible. So what to do to choose the right apartment? For this purpose, internet users’ tips may be helpful. We can find many thematic groups devoted to the purchase of real estate or its finishing. A significant part of this type of forums is available on social media, to which we all have trouble-free access.

It is also a good idea to create a list of the most important points in which we have included our expectations. It is worth defining parameters such as:

– the floor where we want to live;

– number of stories in the blog;

– the direction the windows face;

– garage and storage room;

– room layout;

– location and

– budget.

These are, of course, only examples of attributes, but they will certainly allow you to buy an apartment tailored to your needs.

Above, we have identified and described the three most important factors that should be verified before buying an apartment from a developer. However, one should not forget about legal or notarial issues as they are extremely important. When buying any property, it is worth checking the company in question. While in the case of popular developers, we should not worry about anything, in the case of newly established companies, it is worth considering twice. The red light should also show up if the price per m2 is much lower than the competition. Of course, this does not always mean bad intentions or trouble (sometimes new companies want to create a group of satisfied customers in this way, which will make them gain credibility), but vigilance in the case of such investments is advisable.

We hope that our short advice will allow you to safely purchase the property you want and the transaction will go according to plan and without any complications.

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