Komputer gamingowy na każdą kieszeń

Producers of computer games make sure that their products provide us with entertainment on an increasingly higher level. However, it is associated with the inevitable increase in hardware requirements of the latest computer games. How advanced our gaming computer is will determine whether we can run the latest generation games on it. Therefore, an important step in planning the purchase of a gaming computer is to look to the future and take into account the increase in hardware requirements over the next few years. 

It is worth thinking about it, because when buying a computer only for “now”, it may turn out that in a few years we will have to spend a large sum of money again – whether it is to buy new components or to buy new equipment. On the other hand, buying a computer with a future in mind also involves a large one-time expense. In the article below, we will provide practical advice on which option to choose. We will also suggest what can be done to avoid this dilemma at least partially.


If you have a low budget, you will certainly face the problem that your gaming computer may turn out to be a computer for one season. The more efficient components they are, the more they cost. So you may find that when you buy a gaming computer set in the low price range, you are buying equipment that will age very quickly, and the novelties in the computer game market will very quickly be beyond your reach. Therefore, if you are a real enthusiast of computer games, it will be better if you refrain from purchasing the equipment and set aside some funds for the purchase of more efficient equipment.

Also take into account that component prices drop over time and a moment of patience can pay off. However, it may happen that you are just starting your adventure with computer games, you do not follow the news, you only play it from time to time and don’t pay that much attention to graphic details. In this case, it is not a bad idea to buy less advanced, cheaper equipment. Most likely, it will satisfy your needs sufficiently. You will always be able to buy better equipment in the future, or at least you will avoid the risk of spending a few thousand zlotys on a set that will dust in the corner of the room.


However, if you have a slightly larger budget and you are a real fan of computer games, try to think about the future. It is a good idea to buy a computer set for the player that will not only meet the current requirements, but will also be able to meet the hardware requirements of games that will be released in the coming years. Get to know the trends on the computer games market, as well as modern solutions in the field of equipment and components. Take into account the type of computer games you play, as well as those that may potentially interest you in the future, to avoid unnecessary expenses in a few years.

Even so, keep in mind that hardware prices decline over time, and it may be more profitable to temporarily purchase a less efficient part. For a while it will be perfectly sufficient, and when more demanding computer games appear in a few years, you will replace it with a newer one. And here we come to the last very important thread that will help to solve many dilemmas related to the obsolescence of equipment. This is allowing yourself to upgrade your computer, which we will write about in more detail in the next section.


Equipment obsolescence can be dealt with relatively effectively by adapting it to retrofit options. The computer is a set of integrated components that can be selected individually. This makes it possible to replace old, less efficient parts with newer ones as the computer market changes. However, you need to take into account certain rules that govern computer equipment in order to make the best use of the funds available to us.

First of all, remember that the components that make up a computer work together. If we combine them in the wrong configuration, they will not be able to work fully efficiently. The main mistake made by novice computer game lovers is to buy very expensive graphics cards, but forget about the processor. This is very important, because with a weak processor, even the latest generation graphics card will not be able to fully present its capabilities. So let’s think carefully about the order in which we will decide to buy individual components for our computer.

When thinking about modernizing your computer in the future, you should also remember to take care of a sufficiently spacious computer housing. More efficient parts will also need a more efficient cooling system, which must fit inside it. to take care of a sufficiently spacious computer housing. More efficient parts will also need a more efficient cooling system, which must fit inside it. to take care of a sufficiently spacious computer housing. More efficient parts will also need a more efficient cooling system, which must fit inside it.

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